Applying Golf Course Landscape Materials

golf course landscape materialsDeveloping landscape design for golf courses is often complicated by the need for balance between the game and nature. You’ll need to choose the right golf course landscape materials when designing your golf course. Using certain strategic approaches will help you design a beautiful and efficient golf course design.

Defining exact measurements and determining the best materials to use is extremely important. Locations existing trees, shrubs and water features often conflict with placement of pathways, fairways, sand traps and other components. Golf course landscape materials that work naturally with the natural elements already present will help avoid future problems. 

The complexity of golf course design is increased by the need for paths needed for movement of the players through the course itself. It’s important that the materials you use for your golf course pathways are harmonious with nature. But you also need to use materials that can withstand weathering from natural elements that are easy to maintain. Materials which quickly deteriorate or need high levels of maintenance will quickly become problematic. 

Including stabilized decomposed granite or other similar aggregates in your choice of golf course landscape materials can be an effective solution. This material gives you a natural appearance and a pleasing crunch underfoot. Ease of maintenance is provided by the presence of a high-quality stabilized such as Organic-Lock. With its water-permeability and resistance to washing out from rainfall run-off, it’s the perfect complement to a thoughtful golf course design.