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Alternatives to Polymeric Sand

Aggregate Binder

Many DIYers think that polymeric sand is the only option available to use with many hardscape projects. However, there are issues which arise from the use of this sand. Finding alternatives to polymeric sand can help you to change the look of your pathway. Polymeric sand leaves behind residue that causes a white haze on… Read more

landscaping permeable materials

Change the look of a pathway application or a front yard with landscape materials.  If you are looking for a solution to upgrade the look of the outdoors, then you will need the right mixture.  Understanding what materials to get to begin the hardscaping process helps you to make the most of your upgraded pathway… Read more

How to apply jointing sand to pavers

Let your landscaping project take a unique turn with the right application. If you are looking for a low-maintenance DIY project for your outdoor environment, then consider installing pavers as a pathway or patio. There are specific low-maintenance products that can help keep your pathway looking good for years to come. We suggest using EnviroSAND as it resists… Read more

Are you considering polymeric sand for pavers? While the use of polymeric sand with pavers is quite popular, there are some serious implications you’ll need to consider. Understanding the differences between using polymeric sand vs. EnviroSAND is an important step in your decision-making process. You’ll need to think about certain environmental considerations, ease of maintenance… Read more

Polymeric Sand Problems

The traditional method to apply paving sand is to use polymeric chemicals. However, this simple and tried solution often leads to issues and higher maintenance for your landscape pathway. Understanding the polymeric sand problems that occur can lead you to better decisions when beginning your DIY pathway. Polymeric Sand Problems Issue #1: Polyhaze Polymeric sand… Read more

You have probably seen it before; a beautiful freshly paved surface turns into a weed infested mess in the space of a year or two. Making the right choice when choosing materials is key when you want to break the cycle of repaving your yard every few years. The problem with block paving In the… Read more

After a long winter we look forward to a vibrant growing season and the opportunity to enjoy spending more time outdoors. But as summer progresses we notice that weeds start to poke their heads up through the joints in the paving stones on our pathways and patios. Many of us end up with the tedious… Read more

Landscaping On A Budget

Landscaping on a budget

When the season begins to show it´s true colors, so does your landscaping. If you noticed that some TLC is needed for your outdoor area but need to watch the budget, there are some easy solutions.  Landscaping on a budget ensures that you can affordably upgrade your curb appeal. Follow these simple tips to keep your… Read more

Your DIY Flagstone Pathway

Flagstone Pathway

Flagstone pathways are landscaping classic! If you want to boost your creativity in your yard, then a flagstone pathway can help you to change add style to any outdoor area. With a flagstone pathway, you can create a strong look while getting a low-maintenance pathway that will last years. Most look at paving stone installation… Read more

pathway material

Create a framework to accent your property. If you want to add style to your home, a pathway will provide you with the perfect touch. A well-placed pathway will protect your lawn and plantings from damage due to foot traffic. You can change the aesthetic of your yard with your choice of pathway material. The following… Read more