Nobody likes weed growth between their paving stone joints. Weed growth is tedious and time consuming to remove, and it makes a paved surface look untidy. Many people think that weed growth occurs from the bottom up, but it actually occurs from the top down. When the sand washes out of the joints, they become… Read More

Keep cool with these environmentally friendly life hacks! 1. Unplug and Use Less Lighting Light bulbs and household electronics use energy and produce heat. Using minimal lights during the day, and unplugging electronic devices at night will keep your living space cooler. This will be cost effective for your energy bill and keep you comfortable… Read More

Are you in the loop with all things Envirobond? Do you know where the Envirobond Mob will be next? Connect with us through social media for product information, entertainment, and event news! We take pride in our social media pages and enjoy connecting with the hardscape industry. From fun videos, to green life hacks, and… Read More

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at the 2015 National Home Show in Toronto, Ontario, Canada! We always look forward to seeing familiar faces and making new connections. This year’s booth display was one-of-a-kind and gained a lot of attention. We were excited to see everyone’s reactions to our EnviroSAND bags fighting off… Read More

National Home Show

  Dont' miss Envirobond at the 2015 National Home Show We will be exhibiting from March 13-22, 2015 at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Visit us at booth H354! For full details about the Show visit Can't wait to see you there… Read More

Envirobond will be exhibiting at the 2015 National Home Show From March 13-22, 2015, join us at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada! We have made many great connections at the National Home Show in previous years, and we always look forward to making new ones. Be sure to visit us at booth… Read More

2015 National Home Show

Envirobond will be exhibiting at Landscape Ontario Congress 2015! Envirobond has attended Landscape Ontario Congress for 15 years. We look forward to seeing familiar faces and making new connections. Be sure to join us on the last day of the show for our 4th Annual 100 ft Putt Contest! Visit us at booth #2113 and… Read More

There are many benefits to growing your own vegetables. Aside from being more cost effective and healthier for you and your family, growing vegetables at home is also good for the environment!   Carrots Whether you’re eating them raw or cooked, carrots are delicious. They’re packed with vitamin A, and the amount of recipes you… Read More

Drip irrigation saves time and effort and reduces water and energy use. A drip irrigation system slowly sprinkles water out of tiny holes into the soil at the root of the plants over long periods of time. This method of watering saves up to 30% more water than other watering techniques. For busy gardeners, drip… Read More

Choosing a contractor for your hardscaping project can be seen as an overwhelming task. With this checklist, we can help you pick a contractor, and complete the hardscaping project you’ve been dreaming about. BEFORE HIRING Is your contractor properly certified? Look into the contracting companies you are considering and see which certifications they have to… Read More