Envirobond Product Installation


EnviroSAND Installation:
EnviroSTONE Installation:
Step 1: Sweep
On a properly prepared dry surface (ensure there is no moisture on the stone surface or in the joints as this will prematurely begin the activation process) sweep Envirobond into the joints ensuring that the joints are filled to the bottom of the champfer of the paver or 1/8” below the top of the surface of the stone.
Step 2: Compact
For pavers, compact entire application with a vibrating plate tamper. However if using EnviroSTONE on a flagstone surface, you can use a rubber mallet to tamp the sand to the bottom of the joints.
Step 3: Top Up
It is common after compacting that the aggregate level between the joints drops below an optimal level. Pour and sweep additional product into the joints to bring the levels back up to the desired height.
Step 4: Blow
Sweep surface clean. Blow off surface dust with leaf blower or equivalent. Hold leaf blower horizontally approximately 2 feet above the surface on an idle setting to ensure that sand in joints stays in place.
2 Stage Watering Process
Step 5: Light Mist
With a fine mist spray, saturate the top quarter inch of the joint evenly. This activates the organic binder into a gel which coats the sand particles making it immediately able to resist erosion. Once the surface is activated, let it sit for 5-10 minutes before moving on to stage 6.
Step 6: Heavy Spray
With the surface sand locked into place, use a heavier spray in a side to side motion to clean the paver surface of any remaining residue. This residue wash away in a milk coloured runoff. Its important to continue to apply this heavier spray, cleaning the paver surface until the runoff water is evenly clear.