Learn about the incredible advantages of Organic-Lock, the organic aggregate binder for crushed aggregate paving.

It’s permeable, reduces erosion and creates a natural looking surface that is wheelchair accessible.


For 15 years, Envirobond has been helping homeowners and contractors across North America, Canada and around the world solve the most common problems with landscape pathway materials.

Our Envirobond retail products, Envirosand, Envirostone and Enviropath, offer environmentally friendly solutions and proven, scientifically designed quality products available at landscape supply locations across North America, Canada and the globe.

Our Organic-Lock blended aggregates have been used in larger professional projects such as the Brooklyn Bridge Park pathway application, Shanghai Disney pathway application, and the Dodger Stadium warning track application, offering durable landscape pathway materials for professionals. For more information about blended aggregates, please visit our Organic-Lock website.  


Why Envirobond?

  • Products that are easy to install
  • Materials that prevent weed growth
  • Water permeability that resists erosion
  • Natural insect repellant
  • Landscape pathway materials made from 100% naturally occurring materials
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Installation Help

Envirobond’s installation information is both thorough and informative, providing instructions as well as tips for homeowners and contractors for landscape pathway materials. For your DIY project or large project, our products can support your pathway or pavers.



Sweeping - Coming at ya!
Environmentally Friendly
Green Landscape Pathway Material
Unlike other jointing sands and pathway stabilizers, our products are made from 100% Naturally Occurring Materials. As a result, they are good for the environment and completely safe for plants, animals and people. Our landscape pathway materials put nature first and combine technology for an organic, durable solution for every pathway or paver, offering a strong commitment to the environment.
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