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The Envirobond Booth at National Home Show

Water is known to always take the path of least resistance. Many people, by nature, follow this same principle. I’ve noticed this to be incredibly evident throughout my growth as an entrepreneur.

Spotlight on a Painting

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Imagine walking into a dark room that has a spotlight shining on a painting at the opposite end. You walk up, look at the painting and say to yourself that this is the most beautiful painting you have ever seen. Just then…

HD Presentation 2013

Envirobond’s successful journey with the Home Depot of Canada. President & CEO Mike Riehm speaks at the 2012 Home Depot Meet the Buyer event with the topoc “How to be a successful vendor to The Home Depot”.

Surplus Cash

Wariness about the economy has many businesses carrying surplus cash these days.

Contractor Events

The key to success is to establish a good service, and then stand out from the crowd.