Technology meets Environmental Consciousness

Organic Binders are unique because the glue is always active!

Envirobond has developed the perfect Organic Binder! The Scientifically designed formula provides incredible erosive resistance strength, while rapid biodegradation is eliminated!

The new binder was developed with an elevated pH to prevent the biological breakdown. This elevated pH was also included to add the bonus ability of deterring weeds by preventing seedling germination. site information . The resulting patented technology goes by the name of Organic-Lock.

Envirobond has over 13 years experience in Organically Stabilized Aggregates!

Where other companies carry a line of products to suit all other landscaping needs, Envirobond focuses 100% on Organically Stabilized Aggregates!

The technology behind Organic-Lock was developed by a team of World Class Researchers.

Envirobond Research Team

Dr. Steve Cui (PhD and Research Scientist, Agriculture Canada),

Dr. Qian Guo (PhD and Research Scientist, Agriculture Canada)

Dr. Stuart Shaw (PhD and Envirobond Head Research Scientist),

Paul Riehm M.Sc (Envirobond Research and Development Manager).


  • Originally designed by Contractors in the Hardscaping industry. Perfected by leading Scientists
  • Elevated pH provides a natural Weed Deterrent!
  • Self-healing properties allow joints to retain complete flexibility
  • On a Rainfall Simulator, simulating a 2 hour torrential down-poor, EnviroSAND PLUS experienced an average of 2.7% material loss. Leading Polymeric Sand lost 17.4%.
  • Lifting and re-laying segmental systems can be performed with ease.
  • EnviroSAND PLUS and EnviroSTONE PLUS are made from 100% All Natural Materials