prevent weed growth

There are few things more frustrating than grass between pavers on your pathway or patio. Not only do they make the surface look untidy, but weeds are also tedious to remove. We’ll show you how to prevent weed growth between paving stones. Looking for a driveway weed killer? It’s important to understand how weeds get… Read more

National Home Show

Envirobond is proud to once again be exhibiting at the 2013 National Home Show in Toronto. This is the largest show in Canada for everything around home improvement, both inside and outside your home. We have met and connected with so many wonderful people at this show and are looking forward to another great year… Read more

Green Living Show

Envirobond is proud to be exhibiting at the Green Living Show 2013 in Toronto. The Green Living Show is one of Canada’s largest environmentally focused consumer tradeshows. It is one of the main resources for Canadians to connect with innovative green products, making it the perfect fit for Envirobond! Show Details Friday, April 12, 10… Read more

The Envirobond Booth at National Home Show

Water is known to always take the path of least resistance. Many people, by nature, follow this same principle. I’ve noticed this to be incredibly evident throughout my growth as an entrepreneur.

Spotlight on a Painting

Green Business Blog

Imagine walking into a dark room that has a spotlight shining on a painting at the opposite end. You walk up, look at the painting and say to yourself that this is the most beautiful painting you have ever seen. Just then…

The focus of his discussion will be to help you learn how to increase your profits by offering high quality concrete paver installation

HD Presentation 2013

Envirobond’s successful journey with the Home Depot of Canada. President & CEO Mike Riehm speaks at the 2012 Home Depot Meet the Buyer event with the topoc “How to be a successful vendor to The Home Depot”.

Tuxedo T-Shirt

EVERYONE IS A WINNER! Send us a picture of your paver or flagstone project where Envirobond jointing material was used. Include a bag of our product in the photo and we will send you a free Envirobond Tuxedo T-shirt!

Surplus Cash

Wariness about the economy has many businesses carrying surplus cash these days.

Contractor Events

The key to success is to establish a good service, and then stand out from the crowd.