Now available for DIY Hardscaping!

EnviroSTONE combines crushed aggregate screenings with our organic binder for use in larger joints (such as flagstone, etc.). Similarly, EnviroSAND combines fine sand with our organic binder for use in smaller paver joints. In March of 2001, Envirobond Products Corporation was founded and launched its line of bagged jointing hardscaping materials. Our products are used for stabilizing joints in hard landscaping (known as Hardscaping in the landscaping industry) combines fine jointing sand with the organic binder and is designed specifically for use with paving stones.

Led by a young Entrepreneur (recently graduated from the Agricultural Science program at the University of Guelph), our research team developed a novel and patent-worthy product. Top natural gum scientists from Agriculture Canada were also instrumental in the discovery and advancement of the new technology. These advancements, in turn, improved the longevity of our organic binder.

In addition, we continue to conducting field studies and research projects with professors from the University of Guelph in Canada. Development of this new technology is what put Envirobond on the map! It also improved the strength of the product and added a level of natural weed deterrence. In 2004, Envirobond filed for its first patent.

Envirobond now manufactures and sells EnviroSAND and EnviroSTONE in Canada, USA and over seven countries in Europe. Envirobond has become a staple product for the professional contractor marketplace for the past ten years.

Envirobond’s a continual focus has always been on Green Science green science research. We have maintained a working relationship with Agriculture Canada with all elements of our research and development. The research that we put into our product has paid off in continual performance enhancements and the credibility that it brings.

Availability for DIY Hardscaping

Canada Home Depot, HardscapingThe success of our products in the professional industry has recently spilt over to the retail side. Homeowners started demanding the sand that they use in their DIY hardscaping be the “Organic” one. We like to think that “the GREEN movement” finally caught up with us. In addition, Envirobond has proudly partnered with The Home Depot to supply this demand. Our product is now available in 64 Home Depot stores in Ontario, Canada.

Our focus is on using a renewable plant resource as the key ingredient. As a result, Envirobond is proud to say “We were Green before Green was cool”.