Envirobond and the City of Toronto’s Greenroof

Envirobond has been asked by the City of Toronto to design a special white pathway product using our organic binder, Organic Lock. The City of Toronto is planning to install it in the new 35,000 square foot gardens on the greenroof at their City Hall!

The podium roof at the Toronto City Hall is where visiting dignitaries were once welcomed to the city. Plans are underway to revitalize it. It will be Toronto’s largest publicly accessible greenroof and is part of Toronto’s Green Roofs Strategy. The installation will be completed by the Summer of 2010!

Greenroof Project Details

This project consists of landscaped gardens, courtyards, and terraces connected by pathways. A diversity of plant species in a modular green roof system will provide seasonal colour as well as ease of maintenance.

Toronto City Hall GreenroofThis new public garden will help to improve air quality and also increase the available habitat for insects and birds in the city.

And it will help reduce the Urban Heat Island effect. This will lead to an increased lifespan for the City Hall’s roof membrane since there will be less thermal contraction and expansion. The building itself will also benefit from increased thermal and sound insulation.

Envirobond’s Contribution

Our pathway product will consist of Organic-Lock combined with a white aggregate. The will use it in a series of stone walkways around the perimeter. There will also be smaller connecting pathways running through the gardens. The self-healing nature of our product provides beauty and allows for easy repair in the future.

In addition, the City of Toronto is implementing a stormwater management strategy to reduce stormwater runoff. The water-permeable nature of our pathways will contribute to the effectiveness of the city’s plans.

For more information about this project, please follow the link to City of Toronto’s Greenroof website.

At Envirobond, we are pleased to be able to contribute to this new initiative. We wish to thank the City of Toronto for allowing us to be a participant in this project.