Enhance the look of your hardscaping

May, 2012

*Retrieved from the Milwaukee Community Journal*

Making the decision to redo your driveway, walkway or patio with interlocking paving stones is a big investment. A cobblestone, paver or brick driveway is among the most expensive ways to finish your hardscaping project, and when it is finished you want to make sure you have a product that looks as good five years down the road as it does the day it is installed.

That means a driveway, walkway or patio that is level, with no weeds creeping up in the joints between the paving stones.

“Curb appeal is important to today’s homeowner,” says Mike Riehm, president of EnviroBOND, manufacturers of EnviroSAND. “Investing time, money and effort into a project with paving stones will be a waste if the stones are heaving, weeds are sprouting up in the cracks and ants are crawling all over the place.

“Using the right kind of sand in the joints between the stones can be the difference between a beautiful street view of your home, and a disaster getting worse by the day.”

EnviroSAND is a stabilized joint sand that is specially designed for use with paving stones. It is a combination of traditional jointing sand and an organic glue made from a renewable plant resource. The plant glue is designed to form an adhesive gel that binds sand particles together every time the EnviroSAND is in contact with water. This gel protects the sand from washing out of the joints, which is the number one cause of joint sand loss in a paver system.

In a rainfall simulator, re-enacting a two-hour torrential downpour, EnviroSAND experienced an average 2.7% material loss, while traditional sand washed out in seconds and the leading polymeric sand lost 17.4%.

When sand washes out, weeds creep in!

There is a misconception that weed growth in pavers occurs from below, growing up under the paving stones.

“The truth is”, says Riehm, “weed growth in a paver system is primarily caused by seeds getting trapped in the joints from above and flourishing into a nuisance.”

Above keeping the sand in the joints, EnviroBOND has developed a Natural Weed deterrent to tackle this problem. Initially started by scientifically altering the plant composition to prevent biodegredation, EnviroBOND stumbled on a Natural Weed Deterrent. By simply elevating the pH of the material, EnviroSAND creates a toxic environment for which seedlings can’t germinate. By preventing these seeds from germinating, EnvirobBOND provides a unique and functional Weed Deterrent.

“If, by chance, you live in a harsh climate and there is shifting among your paving stone of choice, using EnviroSAND makes your repairs easier,” says Riehm. “Because of the self-repairing nature of EnviroSAND, it can easily be reworked, making the lifting and re-laying segments an easier task.”

About EnviroBOND
EnviroBOND is a company that developed in the 1990s through the combination of landscape design and environmental awareness. Developed in Canada and currently distributingthrough Canada, USA and Europe, EnviroBOND’s products have evolved with “Green Science” being the foundation and backbone of their portfolio. By using Natural materials to solve problems in Nature, Envirobond has been able to truly live the phrase “We were green, before green was cool.”

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