Certified Installer program

This program is designed to help educate the contractors that install our products.  By ensuring the contractors are installing properly, we can ensure the success of the Envirobond products.

We are an official ICPI member and have certified ICPI installers on Staff (see more at www.icpi.org).

Contractors can learn about tips and techniques resulting in optimized efficiency as well as improved performance.  We’ve experienced a bigger benefit in having multiple contractors in one room speaking of their experiences in the field.  Tips and tricks have been shared that seem to benefit everyone in the room.

Becoming an Envirobond certified installer puts  you on our map.  This gives you a direct link to our sales staff that can walk you through any problem or situation.  By knowing that you are aware of the intricacies of the Envirobond products, we can get right to the heart of any situation.  We also like to treat our Certified installers right!

Not only can you tell your customers about your certification, you can also:

Increase your exposure.

Receive Product discounts

Educate your crew

Have fun with us.

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Adriatik Mule Adid Landscaping adidlandscaping.ca
Nunzio Giambattista All Care Interlocking http://www.allcareinterlocking.com/
Dillon Kenny All Care Interlocking http://www.allcareinterlocking.com/
Joseph Marn BC Contracting & Landscape
Terry Jang BC Contracting & Landscape
Taghi Mirzai Cutting Edge Services
Herman Cuello David Gaze Landscape Group www.davidgazelandscaping.com
Jony Dura-lock www.duralock.ca
Paul Dura-lock www.duralock.ca
Chris Dura-lock www.duralock.ca
Frank Del Vecchio Entire Landscapes www.entirelandscapes.com
Murray Fletcher Fletcher’s Landscaping www.wightman.ca
Dave O’Drowsky Great Lakes Landscapes
Eddie Gonzalez Green Scene Landscaping www.greenscenelandscaping.ca
Anton Dittrich Grieve Home Maintenance Ltd www.girevehome.com
Geoff Couch Grieve Home Maintenance Ltd www.girevehome.com
David Gunn Gunn-Duncan Landscaping
Drew Jex Gunn-Duncan Landscaping
Dave Hockley Hockley Landscape
Mario Fasulo Homeland Gardening Inc www.homelandgarening.ca
Brad Sheldrake Landscape Industries www.landscapeindustries.ca
Jacob Maga Maga Landscaping www.magalandscaping.com
Scott Keegan Parkside Landscaping Inc www.parksidelandscaping.ca
Adam Tromp Parkside Landscaping Inc www.parksidelandscaping.ca
Richard Clayson Revive Powerwashing and Restoration Inc. http://reviveit.ca/
Steve Prior Revive Powerwashing and Restoration Inc. http://reviveit.ca/
Craig Rose Rockscape Design www.rockdesign.ca
Brad Rose Rockscape Design www.rockdesign.ca
Christopher Adomeit Rolling Hills Landscaping http://www.rollinghillslandscaping.ca/
Wade Bond Rolling Hills Landscaping http://www.rollinghillslandscaping.ca/
Jeff Sarty Sarty Design http://sartydesign.com/
Jamie Carmen Silent Impressions Landscaping http://www.silentimpressions.ca
Mike Vautour Silent Impressions Landscaping http://www.silentimpressions.ca
Scott Mackenzie Wright Lawn Care Services www.wright.on.ca
Peter Wright Wright Lawn Care Services www.wright.on.ca


Joe Ponte Beaver Valley Stone www.beavervalleystone.com
Sarah Diyalee Oaks Concrete Products www.bramptonbrick.com
Mike VanHaaster Oaks Concrete Products www.bramptonbrick.com
Peter Colomvaskos Oaks Concrete Products www.bramptonbrick.com
Jeff Love Oaks Concrete Products www.bramptonbrick.com
Vito Mangiapane Best Way Stone www.bestwaystone.com
Andre Pacitto Best Way Stone www.bestwaystone.com
Richard Steinkraus Heritage Stoneworks www.heritagestoneworks.ca
Cameron Gilmore Heritage Stoneworks www.heritagestoneworks.ca
Leo Verduci Domfran Pavers www.dfpavers.com

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