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MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — When it comes to establishing a successful business in a competitive market, having a good product or service is just the start of the effort.

It is also necessary to distinguish your venture from your competitors so your customers not only know who and what you are. They will be able to easily recognize your brand and associate it with quality. When Mike Riehm founded Envirobond in 2001, he knew he had a unique product that met a need in the marketplace. But he was also faced with the challenge of making Envirobond’s organically-stabilized jointing sand products stand out against tough competitors in the hardscaping industry.

“Envirobond was born out of solid research and development, creating an innovative and environmentally-friendly product that improved on everything else that is in the market right now,” says Riehm. “But we made the business decision to go that step further to make sure people remember Envirobond. For that, we had to be more creative, more innovative and even a little flamboyant.”

Tips for a Successful Business

Here are some handy tips for establishing your own small or medium-sized successful business, courtesy of Mike Riehm and Envirobond.

  1. Invest in your product. Envirobond products are the result of 11 years of intense R&D, but it is an investment in time and money. It paid off with a line of products that are not only environmentally friendly, they also work.
  2. 2015 National Home ShowDon’t be embarrassed when it comes to promotion. If you have seen the Envirobond team at a trade show or event, you won’t forget it. In 2008, Envirobond made a splash in lime green, yellow and white argyle pants, shorts and skorts.  This branding has been a focal point at professional landscape tradeshows throughout North America. “People remember us,” says Riehm. “And that helps our brand.”
  3. Be professional. While the argyle suits may stand out, it’s a quality product and strong customer service that determine your success or failure. “We built Envirobond into a global company because of our professionalism,” says Riehm.
  4. Be service driven. Host events for top customers or stage instructional sessions on how to best use your product. But it’s most important to be responsive to the needs of your customer base. Don’t be afraid to interact with them, and listen to what they have to say, especially if it is a critique. You may learn something to improve your business.
  5. Engage your clientele across several platforms. Depending on your product, you may find direct marketing is best, or maybe a trade show presence or a concerted public relations effort. But whichever you choose, you can tie it all together online. Direct customers to a website or social media outlet to learn more, get tips and instructions or offer feedback.

Following these tips will help establish and grow your successful business venture.

Leveraging New Markets

In October 2010, Envirobond answered a call for manufacturers of innovative green products to send in applications for The Home Depot to consider. EnviroSAND and EnviroSTONE are products designed for the joints of interlocking stone and flagstone. It is essentially a sand mixed with a plant glue. Designed to stay in place, prevent washouts and helps deter weed growth, it’s also completely Green. After making it through a process that was similar to the CBC show Dragon’s Den, Envirobond made it on to the shelves of Home Depot stores in the London, Ont. Area for a one-season trial.

That was a foothold for Envirobond. By being aggressive in the market, establishing a presence, Mike was able to make Envirobond stand out from the crowd. And he successfully leveraged his products into a highly visible market. Envirobond Products are now available at 64 Home Depot outlets across Ontario. This gives homeowners planning DIY projects access to the same materials the pros use.

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About Envirobond

Envirobond was born in 2001 out of the Agricultural Science program at the University of Guelph,  one of Canada’s top schools for Environmental Sciences.  After completing his degree, Mike Riehm developed a product line that is now sold in Canada, the United States and Europe. Envirobond’s products have been a staple product in the professional contractor marketplace for the past decade. And they are now making a big splash into the DIY market. Envirobond has secured an agreement to sell Envirobond products in 64 Home Depot stores across Ontario.

*Retrieved from Construction Links Media, May 2012