Water Erosion in CityScapes and Balance of the Ecological System

landscape materials near meThe ecosystem and it’s relationship to cityscapes is one which requires continuous balance.  When looking at regional planning and landscape architect services, it is essential to consider how this relates to the environment.  By creating harmonious elements with the ecosystem, there is the ability to maintain urban areas.  An essential component of this is erosion control, specifically with how it relates to landscapes.  Understanding the outcome of how landscape materials near me impact the development of landscapes and erosion also shows the importance of proper planning. 

In a recent study by Landscape Ecology (2014), there was an in – depth look at water erosion and how it regulates or deteriorates the ecosystem.  The study looked at Germany and the services which impacted both the surrounding ecology and the cityscapes.  Specifically, the study looked at how water erosion impacted other ecosystem relationships, such as drought reduction, flood regulation, soil erosion and provisioning services.  It also looked at the aesthetics of water erosion and how this was impacted and regulated within the cityscapes. There were certain elements that the study found related directly to reducing water erosion and offering sustainability of the surrounding environment. 

1.  Discharge Paths.  By controlling and guiding water erosion with discharge areas, there was the ability to reduce erosion by up to 7%.  However, there was still strong soil loss in the surrounding areas, creating other issues with the balance between the ecosystem and the urban regions.  To counteract this, the concept of hedgerows were stated as a control measure to reduce the waste of soil. 

2.  Greenery.  Greenery created one of the most effective options to reduce erosion and maintain balance.  Using more greenery reduced soil loss and increased the maintenance of sites.  Balancing this with other parts of the ecosystem is one which can be integrated to create a better balance with landscape management.  

3.  No – Till Management.  The study suggested management change of both the greenery and the surrounding areas.  By having a focus on maintaining the ecosystem and surrounding environment, it reduces water erosion.  Management strategies were considered essential in relationship to the pathways and overarching landscape. 

The use of land planning in relation to the ecosystem is one which expands into urban needs.  There are landscape materials near me which further balance the ecosystem.  By using control measures to reduce erosion, such as through materials for pathways, there is reduction from the 92% based on greenery to almost complete control from water damage, developing a stronger balance with the ecosystem and urban landscapes. 

It is noted that the requirement to balance the ecosystem is a highlight specifically in relation to water erosion.  Aesthetics and deterioration is only one problematic area.  Sediment run – off pollution build – up, UHI and deterioration of individual health follow when there is not an ecological balance.  Finding landscape materials near me that balance the environment, followed with ecological systems that offer new approaches ensures a better outcome with the landscapes and city planning developed.