How to Use Decomposed Granite Stabilizer

decomposed granite stabilizerOrganic-Lock is a highly-effective  decomposed granite stabilizer. Its  environmentally-sustainable results are beautiful require little maintenance. 

The particle sizes in decomposed granite are smaller than in regular gravel which allows it to “lock” into place to create more stability. Also, it is available in many different shades. Other similar aggregates, such as limestone, are often used to offer an even greater variety of colour choices. Users like it’s natural, beautiful appearance. 

To improve its resistance to erosion and washouts, decomposed granite is blended with a stabilizer such as Organic-Lock, hydrated to a specific water content and compacted in place. The result is a stable, low-maintenance pathway.

Organic-Lock is water-permeable so rainfall to pass through to the water table below. This reduces runoff and pathway washouts. It is resistant to weed growth and, due to its self-healing nature, is easily repaired or topped up. 

Change the way you decide to approach your new hardscape project. Add beautiful pathways into your hardscape project by using our decomposed granite Stabilizer, Organic-Lock. Make the most of your next outdoor project with our environmentally friendly approach.