Top Characteristics of an Asphalt Alternative

asphalt alternativeLandscape architects often look at asphalt and cement as the primary material for a hardscape job.  However, this alternative doesn’t always provide the best quality option for maintenance, erosion or quality.  Finding an asphalt alternative that is environmentally friendly and durable offers more solutions for your next project.  These characteristics should be considered with your hardscape planning. 

1. Environmentally Friendly.  A top concern with cities today is based on the environmentally friendly materials.  Sediment, pollution, UHI and other problems are created with asphalt and cement.  To balance the environment and urban areas, natural products can be used that work with the environment, instead of against it. 

2. Durability.  Many have found that asphalt and concrete, while initially providing strong solutions, deter quickly.  Weathering and continuous use wears the materials after a short period of time.  Using an asphalt alternative provides a durable and long lasting result.  You will find that the materials will last for years when responding to the environment naturally and resisting environmental elements that would impede sustainability of the materials.

3. Resists Erosion.  After a certain amount of rain and weathering, asphalt and concrete wears.  An asphalt alternative that resists erosion is more effective.  Porous materials are able to absorb water, naturally stopping the pathway from deteriorating.  This solution allows pathways and hardscapes to last for twice the period of time. 

4.  Reduced Maintenance.  When using asphalt and concrete, maintenance is required for deterioration and wear.  There is an asphalt alternative that lasts for a longer period of time.  When weather changes and environmental friendly make-up of the materials is available, it allows the pathway to last for a longer period of time.

With the right asphalt alternative, your landscapes will have a different outcome.  The quality, durability and characteristics alter the outcome of your next project.  If you are looking for an environmentally friendly solution that maintains high quality, then looking at different materials will guide the planning of your next project.