Tips for Applying Pathway Stabilizers

pathway stabilizersLandscape architects have several considerations to make with a hardscape.  If you are installing a new project, you will want to look at the possibilities for success and failure.  Pathway stabilizers as well as aspects of the installation change the outcome.  By looking at the characteristics of installation and the materials used, you will find differences in the outcome of your next project. 

The first factor to look at with pathway stabilizers is the relationship to other mixtures of the pathway.  If the base course is not compact enough, usually with density of less than 95%, then it will create instability in the final product.  The compaction of the material after being placed in the pathway is also relevant, including the weight of the roller not being too light or heavy. 

The mixture used also changes the outcome of the hardscape project.  If the pathway stabilizers are not activated sufficiently, then it creates issues.  Watering and compacting the stabilizer allows the materials to absorb naturally and changes the outcome.  It is also important to look at the stabilizer amount in the mix, specifically which may have too much or not enough in relation to the other materials used.  The right measurements alter the outcome of the pathway. 

It is also important to look at the installation technique used.  Pathway stabilizers require a specific application when working with hardscapes.  If the mixture is not applied with an even consistency or with the wrong mixture, then it may not settle properly into the pathway.  Understanding the science of using the stabilizer with the hardscape is essential for the success of the project. 

Working with  pathway stabilizers alters the outcome of your hardscape project.  You want to focus on the proper applications and mixtures for your pathway.  This changes the quality of the pathway as well as the installation results that take place.  By using high – quality stabilizer materials as well as specific approaches, you will find long-lasting results.