The Importance of Natural Products in Landscaping

natural landscape productsWe often overlook the mix of ingredients used in landscape projects. We often apply chemicals strictly for the sake of convenience. But we can cause harm through the careless use of these chemicals. If you take steps to use natural landscape products for your next project you will reduce the possibility of causing harm. But you need to understand how the products you choose impact your landscape in order to make an informed decision. 

Natural landscape products can offer alternatives to use in your hardscape projects. While some products may seem effective when you first apply them,  many will deteriorate rapidly over time. Natural substances have the ability to work with the surrounding environment, merging with the foundation of your product. They can work more naturally with the aggregate and stones you are using.

You will see different results with each of the products that are available on the market today. For instance, if you decide to use polymeric sand in the joints of your paving stones, you may find that the chemical binder leaves a white substance called polyhaze on the surface of your stones.

Better Results

On the other hand, EnviroSAND, with its organic binder Organic-Lock, will not produce this resulting haze. The organic binder has the ability to work more effectively with the sand. EnviroSAND will product long-lasting and durable results. There will be less water erosion because the organic binder works with water to hold the EnviroSAND in place. 

You can find natural solutions that reduce pathway erosion, last longer and provide increased durability for your next hardscape project.