What It Means to Create Sustainable Cities

materials for sustainable citiesUrbanization and the growth of cities offers more resources for communities.  It also has a direct impact on the environment and health of those who are a part of the urban areas.  Understanding how to upgrade urban areas is a concern with the landscapes and hardscapes now being developed.  Materials for sustainable cities as well as strategic development has the capacity to alter the growth of sustainability in the 21st century. 

Currently, cities are responsible for 75% of the world’s energy as well as 80% of all greenhouse gas emissions.  At the same time, redesigning cities could change the ecological footprint (EF) by 70% (Siemens Research, 2014).  The statistics point out that the consumption in cities is at a critical turning point.  Changing the use of energy as well as environmental balance is one that will dramatically improve the quality of life to those living in urban areas. 

According to Siemens Research (2014), there are four core elements to sustainability.  This includes competition, environmental considerations, governance and the quality of life which one has.  The sustainability is one which is furthered with the need to have cost effective solutions that are feasible and durable.  At the heart of these sustainable features is the infrastructure which is required within communities.  Materials for sustainable cities changes the environmental impact, quality of life and the balance in urban city development.  

The concept of sustainability relies on the green city index which is now at the forefront of those who are looking for solutions.  Green management, green land use policies, water efficiency and energy efficiency formulate the practices in cities while creating the index.  Materials for sustainable cities and planning efficient infrastructure alters the use of resources and the consumption in urban areas.  This creates a smart grid that offers durable management through the use of new resources. 

Becoming a smart city and building sustainability alters the outcome of livelihoods and lessens the impact on the environment.  Using the proper materials for sustainable cities also decreases the deterioration of urban areas.  Building sustainability with a central focus of the green index also equates to more efficient and prosperous communities throughout the world.