Why You Should Be Looking For an Asphalt Alternative

asphalt alternativesAsphalt is known among landscape architects as a primary method for pathways and roads.  However, there are other options that may serve better with durability and sustainability.  If you are planning your next project, consider asphalt alternatives for the hardscape.  This will provide you with an alternative outcome while considering the characteristics of the materials that you decide to use. 

Asphalt is known as the landscape architect’s easiest solution for pathways.  However, there are many downsides to the materials.  Most that use this are unable to provide an environmentally friendly solution.  Issues with sediment, water runoff and UHI are some of the issues that occur with asphalt.  The inability to absorb and work with the environment naturally creates a negative impact with urban areas and the materials used.  Environmental awareness are turning many to asphalt alternatives to build the desired solutions. 

The issues with asphalt are also related to the durability and maintenance of roadways.  Depending on the mixture and impact, many pathways begin to deteriorate in as little as one year from being placed.  Finding asphalt alternatives also may increase the lifeline of the pathway created.  Materials that combat against erosion and are sustainable may provide an effective solution for those who are planning for a longer term outcome of their project. 

The use of asphalt alternatives is designed to provide durability and strength to the project you are working with.  The mixture of other forms of materials have a mixture that indicates stronger results.  You will find that investigating other options also allows you to change the outcome of projects you are working with.  The ability to resist deterioration while maintaining a certain durability is available when using the proper materials. 

For your next landscape project, you can find different solutions to the materials used.  If you are working with a hardscape, then considering asphalt alternatives allows you to integrate different approaches to your pathway or road.  Finding environmentally friendly materials, stronger solutions and durability also offers a long lasting outcome for your portfolio.