Installation of Organic-Lock Landscape Products

environmentally friendly landscape productsThe process that you use when installing stabilized aggregate (DG) has a huge impact on the quality of the completed pathway surface. When using Organic-Lock environmentally friendly landscape product, it is important to follow our specified installation instructions. You’ll get a strong, stable result that will require little  maintenance for years to come. 

Know Your Aggregate Grain Size

Organic-Lock will work best with an aggregate that meets our specified particle size profile. We have found that a 1/4 inch aggregate size works well with Organic-Lock. Equally important is the presence of smaller grains which fill spaces between the larger  ones. This allows the aggregate to “lock” together for greater stability.  

Know The Mix Ratio

The stabilizer to aggregate ratio is essential for better results. Through extensive testing, we have determined that the ideal ratio of Organic-Lock is 30-34 pounds per ton of aggregate. 

Pre-hydrate Properly

When aggregate is combined with Organic-Lock, it must be pre-hydrated before installing it at the job site. The optimal hydration level is 10-12% moisture. Add water slowly, mix thoroughly, adding 1% at a time until you achieve the proper consistency, checking it using the snowball test. When properly hydrated the mix may seem dry but when properly compacted, the result is strong and stable.  

Design and Formwork

Your project should include well-designed drainage with a cross slope of 1.5 – 2% to allow surfaces to drain easily from the surface. When installing our environmentally friendly landscape product, use you will want to use a formwork or have your edging material in place. After the material is compact, any formwork used needs to be removed to allow water drainage. 

Compact the Materials

Our environmentally friendly landscape product require specific degree of compaction when being installed. For larger pathways, a one ton roller provides the best results.  This allows you to move quickly across the pathway giving you a smooth, even surface. 

Using specified application and installation procedures for your pathway can make all the difference. Environmentally friendly landscape products complement any project design and give natural-looking results. After properly installing your Organic-Lock stabilized aggregate, you’ll be pleased with your low maintenance, high-quality landscape pathway.