Installation of Landscaping Materials With Stabilized Aggregate

landscaping materials and stabilized aggregateUsing a stabilizing aggregate binder with aggregate in your landscape projects can give you outstanding results. It can be used in various different applications such as walkways, parking areas, open pedestrian spaces, and so on. Focus on making the right choices in your hardscape projects for beautiful outcomes.

Pathway Applications

Pathways incorporated into landscaping guide the flow of pedestrians, maximizing enjoyment while minimizing potential damage from foot traffic. It’s important for these pathways to be stable and long-wearing. A properly stabilized aggregate pathway, using Organic-Lock aggregate binder, gives you smooth, solid surfaces that are compliant with the the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 

Golf Courses

The unique landscapes of golf courses require pathways that blend in with nature while having enough strength to withstand golf cart traffic. Organic-Lock stabilized aggregate pathways meet this challenge. Strong and stable, with the ability to be water-permeable and resist rainfall erosion but with a natural look and feel underfoot.

Vehicular Pathways

For heavier vehicular use in driveways and fire lanes, it’s important to have a strong stable base to carry the weight of the vehicles. When built to our specifications, Organic-Lock stabilized aggregates will stand up to these uses while maintaining water permeability. This allows you to use environmentally friendly landscaping materials such as ours and meet the heavy usage requirements such project need.

Aggregate stabilizer binders such as Organic-Lock can be used for various installation projects and provides landscape architects with options that are environmentally friendly solutions and reduce maintenance requirements.