Installation Ideas for Stabilized Aggregate

Installation of stabilized aggregate, aggregate that has been blended with a stabilizer such as Organic-Lock, can enhance any landscape architect project.  Understanding what applications are used with this material allows you to take the first preparation steps with your hardscape. There are different examples you can look at, all or which can give you ideas for the steps to take with your next outdoor project. 

Brooklyn Bridge Park pathway applicationFoot Traffic Pathways  

Stabilized aggregate enhances any foot traffic pathway for a perfect look. The ability of this blended aggregate to respond naturally to weathering and conditions in the environment allow the pathways to maintain their structure for an extended period of time. Waldon Ponds Visitors Center and the Brooklyn Bridge Park are examples of how our products have added in to stable and high-quality results. 

stabilized aggregateSports  

When working with warning track applications, stabilized aggregate is very effective. You can easily create stable surfaces that maintain themselves for a long period of time. Even with the amounts of traffic found in stadiums and sports centers, the proper type of stabilized aggregate can withstand the heavy use. The Dodger’s Stadium is one of the examples of how the right materials can add increased durability. 

stabilized aggregate vehicular pathwaysVehicular Pathways

Nothing is too heavy for stabilized aggregate. Any pathway for cars or trucks can use this material for better results. The density of the aggregate and the binding power of the stabilizer are able to create a durable surface. Envirobond’s primary example of this is the Shanghai Disney pathway application. 

Quality, durability and long lasting materials add to the hardscape projects you are working with. Organic-Lock stabilized aggregate offers high – quality alternatives to the projects you are working with. Whether you have a sports stadium or pathway application, materials can be used to create long lasting results.