Erosion Control and Stabilized Pathways

erosion controlWeathering and the environment damage aggregate pathways and this leads to higher maintenance requirements. Landscape Architects need to consider erosion control when designing pathway projects to extend the lifespan of their projects. 

Incorporating erosion control into your project design begins with using the right stabilizer with your decomposed granite (DG) or crushed stone. Organic-Lock, when mixed with your aggregate, significantly reduces the amount of maintenance that will be required in the long term. It helps to create a water-permeable surface that resists weathering and water damage. Landscape architects who use our formula will achieve more durability for the pathways and hardscape projects they are designing. 

Rainfall will run off traditional surfaces such as concrete. But it passes through the Organic-Lock stabilized aggregate and filters down to the water table below. Our stabilizer keeps the pathway surface from being washed away by rainfall runoff. Surface cracks, which can develop into potholes, will not form. Organic-Lock stabilized aggregates also perform well on sloped surfaces. 

A stabilizing binder increase the level of erosion control achieved in project where it is used. It responds positively to the local climate, most specifically with changing seasons, heat and water. 

Landscape designs that work in harmony with nature and respond to changes in the environment result in reduced damage and maintenance requirements. Using Organic-Lock stabilizing binder controls erosion and can improve the outcome of every project.