Installation: EnviroSTONE

How to install organic paving stone binders
Follow our simple, step – by – step DIY process.  With these guidelines, you can learn how to install organic paving stone binders.  EnviroSTONE offers a solution that is environmentally friendly, deters weed growth, stops insects from your landscape and lowers the amount of maintenance required for your yard.

Step 1: Pour the Organic Paving Stone Binder

Pour EnviroSTONE evenly over a centralized area on the surface of the segmental system.

Step 2: Sweep the Binder Into the Paving Stone Joints

Sweep EnviroSTONE into joints ensuring that the joints are filled to the bottom of the chamber of the paver or 1/8” below the top of the surface of the stone. Sweep at 45 degree angle to the joint to ensure optimal efficiency. When learning how to install organic paving stone binders, make sure you do not sweep any pile greater than 10 feet from the centre of the pile, due to the risk of particle segregation.
How to install EnviroSTONE
For DIY: How to Install Paving Stone Binders

Step 3: Clean the Surface

Sweep the surface clean and blow off any surface dust with a leaf blower or equivalent. Hold leaf blower horizontally approximately 2 feet above the surface on an idle setting to ensure that sand in joints stays in place. This will help prevent surface staining caused by residue.
2 Stage Watering Process
DIY Paving Stone Binders

Step 4: Spray a Light Mist

Apply water to the EnviroSTONE with a light mist from a garden hose or equivalent to saturate the top 1/8” of material. When pooling of water occurs, the top layer is saturated. Allow 5-10 minutes for the binder to activate. A Multi-setting spray nozzle is ideal when focusing on how to install organic paving stone binders.

Step 5: Apply Heavy Spray to the Paving Stone Binders

Within 10 minutes of the initial water mist, apply a heavier spray using a side-to-side motion to remove any remaining product residue from the surface while further saturating the joints. Ensure the surface does not dry before you complete this step. You may need to work in sections to achieve this. Be careful not to apply high pressure water directly on the joint which can result in displacement of the material prior to full saturation. Continue applying the harder water spray until the surface water runs clear. Between 2 and 4 repetitions are best to achieve this. The Organic-LockTM in the EnviroSTONE is active and able to resist erosion immediately upon watering.