White Haze on Paving Stones

Creating a white haze on paving stones is a risk you face when you use stabilized jointing material, such as polymeric sand, for your patio or driveway project. This white residue is called polyhaze and you will see it unless you install the product properly. At Envirobond, we understand how frustrating this can be. 


White Haze: How it Happens and How to Avoid It

When you install polymeric sand in the joints of pavers, the manufacturers suggest that you spray the paved area with water and leave time to dry. If you overwater the area their binders will leach out of the polymeric sand. It’s this leaching causes that white haze, or polyhaze, on paving stones.

If you leave any excess dust on the surface prior to watering it will also create a white haze. It’s imperative that you remove all of this dust prior to the soaking stage. Please note that because of the leaching problem you cannot use a heavy spray of water to remove this dust. You will most likely wash out the binders and perhaps even the polymeric sand itself.

The 2-stage watering system unique to Envirobond products, EnviroSAND and EnviroSTONE, eliminates the risk of creating a white haze. Envirobond’s plant-based glue, Organic Lock, activates immediately with water. A light mist will hold the surface in place and then you can follow up with a heavy spray. This instantly cleans the white residue off the paving stones and further saturates the entire joint. By cleaning the residue, you eliminate the haze!

With Envirobond you can install your paving stones without worrying about screwing it up and creating a haze. And you still get all of the benefits of a jointing material which is designed to stay in place.

For more information on how to install EnviroSAND watch this video: