3 Practical Green Life Hacks to Keep Cool

Keep cool with these environmentally friendly life hacks!

1. Unplug and Use Less Lighting

life hacks unplugLight bulbs and household electronics use energy and produce heat. Using minimal lights during the day, and unplugging electronic devices at night will keep your living space cooler. This will be cost effective for your energy bill and keep you comfortable in the summer heat.

2. Use more Cotton

life hacks cottonCotton is a naturally cool fabric. It’s light and helps air circulate, cooling down the body, while absorbing sweat. White or light colored fabrics are most ideal, as dark colors absorb the sun’s heat. Try using cotton sheets for bed to stay cool at night.

3. Make your own A/C

life hacks homemade air conditioningDon’t have an air conditioning unit? Try hanging a wet towel in front of an open window, or placing a dish filled with ice in front of an electric fan. This will allow the airflow from the window or fan to cool the room. It’s easy to do and is more environmentally friendly than using an A/C!