Paving Sand That Stops Weed Growth

paving sand that stops weed growthAfter a long winter we look forward to a vibrant growing season and the opportunity to enjoy spending more time outdoors. But as summer progresses we notice that weeds start to poke their heads up through the joints in the paving stones on our pathways and patios. Many of us end up with the tedious chore of  pulling the weeds out by hand. This is only a temporary solution, however, as we see more weeds appearing quickly.  If you want to stop weeds from growing, you can replace your jointing sand with a paving sand that stops weed growth.  EnviroSAND is designed to keep weeds out while offering an organic solution to your landscape pathway.

Many homeowners believe that weeds grow from the soil under the paving stones. They believe that this makes them difficult to kill them and that’s why they grow back.  However, this is true only for well-established weeds. New weed growth occurs from the top down, usually because of seeds that spread. This is why more weeds continue to grow no matter how often you pull them out.

Avoiding Weed Growth in the First Place

What is required is a type of paving sand that stops weed growth between your paving stones. With the right formula, as with our EnviroSAND, your jointing sand will easily be able to deter weed growth. Also, as it doesn’t wash out over time, soil isn’t able to accumulate in the joints and allow new weeds to grow.

Not only does the right jointing sand stop weed growth, you can have beautiful, maintenance-free pathways and patios in your yard. If the EnviroSAND begins to drop below 1/8″ from the chamfer in your patio stones, you can simply top it up.  

Stop the annoyance of having to pull weeds from between paving stones with EnviroSAND.  Our formula combines naturally-occurring ingredients to give you a product that is effective and long-wearing. You can enjoy a weed-free outdoor space that requires only minimal maintenance.

Learn more about using EnviroSAND for your new landscape pathway. 


Now available at Canada’s Home Depot.

paving sand that stops weed growth