How to Landscape Around a Back Deck

How to landscape around a back deckThe landscaping features that you incorporate into your property are a personal expression of your style. A simple weekend project is an opportunity to create a new aesthetic for your backyard. You can complete an upgrade easily by understanding the basics of how to landscape around you back deck or patio.

Follow these 5 tips for landscaping around the perimeter of your back deck while using EnviroPATH for your next pathway.

Prep the Area

You will need a design for your back deck, including where you are going to place plants and soil as well as where you would like pavement. Furthermore, defining your space with a marker (you could use spray paint, for example) and defining each region is of prime importance. This will help to get a solid footing when you are learning how to landscape around a back deck.

Place Your Borders

If you are planning on placing rocks or plants in certain an area, then separate this from your deck. You will want to define these areas with new soil as well as additional materials that highlight your design. You can use a liner or plastic edging to make sure there is a separation between your deck and the new landscape features.

Set Your Foundation

Any pathway to a deck will need a foundation to hold together your design. If you are adding in a path around your deck, set it with gravel that you tamp down for an even layout.

Add in EnviroPATH

Use a 100% organic material that stops new weeds from growing, is an insect repellant and water permeable. Simply pour out a bag of EnviroPATH and mix it with 1.4 liters of water. Blend it into the base foundation and tamp it down to compact it. Once your surface is even, spray a light mist with water, followed by a heavier spray to saturate and solidify the material.

Lay the Final Design

With your newly laid path and your designs for plants and other materials, you can enjoy working with your backyard plantings and decorative features. By separating the deck from the landscape materials and pathway, you can enjoy a fresh, summer look.


In conclusion…

So, this season can offer you an opportunity to introduce innovation into your backyard. You can easily add to your outdoor design using EnviroPATH for your new pathway and obtain an additional, creative look. Understanding how to landscape around a back deck offers a fresh approach that brings in the seasonal enjoyment of outdoor activities.