How To Stop Sand from Washing Out of Block Paving

How to Stop Sand From Washing Out of Block Paving

You have probably seen it before; a beautiful freshly paved surface turns into a weed infested mess in the space of a year or two. Making the right choice when choosing materials is key when you want to break the cycle of repaving your yard every few years.

The problem with block paving

In the beginning of a new landscaping job, your pathway or driveway will look perfect. The materials will lay out nicely and everything seems fresh and tidy. As the seasons progress, this may all change. Water causes the jointing sand between your paving stones to wash out,  and weeds may begin to grow in its place. Envirobond products can help you stop sand from washing out of block paving and show your curb appeal.

For most, the loss of paving sand means re-doing the pathway or paving stones which involves hours of work.  With rain or seasonal changes, then wash outs can expected. However, you can stop sand from washing out of block paving by using the right jointing sand.  You can reduce the amount of maintenance on your property while increasing the lifespan of your pathway.

Making the Right Choice

Specific types of jointing sand can allow you to extend the life of your pathway.  While most sand deteriorates, EnviroSAND is designed to resist water erosion. It has specific components that allow it to be water-permeable while resisting washing out due to surface water runoff.

If you use chemical-based paving sand such as polymeric sand you will need to completely remove it and replace it with new material if it cracks or washes away.  However, with EnviroSAND you can top up whenever your paving sand is 1/8 inch or more below the chamfer on your paving stones. Simply add new EnviroSAND and follow the same 2-step watering procedure you used during the initial installation. This immediately changes the deterioration into a pathway that looks new.

By using the right materials you will easily be able to maintain your pathway quickly and easily. If you are looking at how to stop sand from washing out of you paving stones, then considering using EnviroSAND.

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