Drawing a Landscape Map

How to draw a landscape mapIf looking out your window makes you long for a fresh look for your property, drawing a landscape map should be the first step you take. There are ways to improve the look and feel of your front or back yard with a little planning and creativity. Learning how to draw a landscape map will provide you with the perspective you need to make the most of your yard.

Step 1: Layout of Your Current Yard

First, take a look at the current layout of your yard. How large is the area is that you are interested in changing? What are the main features are in the yard and where are they located? Some things, like buildings, fences and utility lines cannot be moved or removed. And, more importantly, what things can you change? 

Step 2: Defining Permanent and Removable

Once you’ve identified what must stay, measure their sizes and where they are located relative to your property boundaries. Create a map outline of where these things are located. You’ll also need to note where important features such as windows, doors, lights and electrical items are. How much direct sun or shade does each area get – ie. where is south? Is the property flat, gently sloping or more steep or uneven? Once you’ve finished mapping out the immovable objects, you’ll know how much space you are working with. Now you can get down to designing how you want your new layout to look.

Step 3: From Measurements to Creativity

Here’s where the real fun starts. You know how much space you have to work with and where it is. Now you can determine how you want to use your outdoor space and what new features you want to incorporate into it. A shady seating area? An outdoor cooking area? Or are you a sun-worshiper? Do you need lots of open space for family play areas? Is a swimming pool or water feature something you want to include? The items that you add in should fit in with the existing features and the space available as well as the overall effect you want to create. Ensure that plantings, patios and pathways all have the space they need to work well. 

Using these simple steps, you can begin the process of a fresh design for your yard. Understanding how to draw a landscape map allows you to plan the perfect backyard transformation. Whether you are interested in fresh flowers or a new landscape pathway, your map can guide you to the perfect look for your outdoor style.