How to Design a Landscaped Pathway

how to design a landscaped pathwayThis year’s landscape designs are leaning towards a more charming approach. As a result, you may want to consider design options with a more natural feel to get more enjoyment out of your outdoor spaces. Adding outdoor pathways is one way to add that special touch you might be looking for. And, learning how to design a landscaped pathway for your new outdoor look is the first step.

How to Design a Landscaped Pathway

First of all, you will need to plan the design of your landscaped pathway. You’ll need to decide where you want plantings, decks or patios and what areas you want the pathways to join. There are many different ways to add extra charm to your landscape and create a fresh, new look. But, most importantly, using your creativity is the first step to make when learning how to design a landscaped pathway.

Lay Out Your Pathway

Then, once you have planned out your design, mark out your design elements with a chalk or spray paint. After marking them out, dig up the areas around your planned pathways, including 4 inches around each side. Add aggregate to your pathway areas and tamp it down. This will give you a solid base for laying your pathway materials.

If you’re using pavers or flagstones you can simply start laying them down. After laying them, install either EnviroSAND or EnviroSTONE to help solidify your pathway and deter weed growth. Follow our simple installation instructions for the jointing material you are using.

Alternately, you could use our EnviroPATH product which was specifically designed for pathways and borders. Installing this product is a simple way to create a pathway with a more natural aesthetic. 

Our products use an organic binder that helps with the stabilization of your design and preventing washouts. Envirobond products contain an organic plant glue that is made from 100% naturally occurring materials. Our products also offer weed deterrence, water permeable and are insect-repellant. As a result, they are a high-quality addition to any pathway project.

Final Steps

You can complete your pathway by filling in the sides of the pathway according to your design and adding in the other elements of your plan. Let your creativity shine with plantings and extra features that compliment your design. Every DIYer can easily learn how to design a landscaped pathway. So, with the right tools and creative approach, you will easily be able to have the perfect plan for your yard.

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