How to Install EnviroSAND for Pavers

How to apply sand for paversLet your landscaping project take a unique turn with the right application. If you are looking for a low-maintenance DIY project for your outdoor environment, then consider installing pavers as a pathway or patio.

There are specific low-maintenance products that can help keep your pathway looking good for years to come. We suggest using EnviroSAND as it resists washouts and weed growth and is easy to install.

These are the simple steps will need to follow during installation of EnviroSAND in your project:  

 1. Sweep in the EnviroSAND for Pavers  

The first step is to sweep the EnviroSAND into joints on your pathway.  Pour EnviroSAND over your paving stones and then simply sweep the sand into the gaps between the paving sand. If you sweep at a 45 degree angle it will move the same into the paving stones evenly.  

2. Tamper Your Sand

After you have applied the EnviroSAND, tamper it into the joints to compact it between the paving stones. The EnviroSAND should be tampered with a weight of at least 150 pounds. You can use a hand tamper or a machine for more accuracy. This will ensure that all sand is tight in the joints and will effectively hold the paving stones together.  

3.  Use Water to Spray the Sand

A two step process can be applied with water for the sand.  You will want to spray a light mist to begin with to saturate the surface layer. This will allow the top layer to stay in place for stage two of the watering process. You can then water it thoroughly to saturate the EnviroSAND to the full depth of the paver joint.  You want to make sure that all of the sand is fully saturated within 24 hours. 

With this simple process, you can easily apply EnviroSAND for pavers. This will add the strength needed to tie your paver installation together effectively. Your new landscape will remain beautiful for years to come with only minimal maintenance.

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