Your DIY Flagstone Pathway

Flagstone PathwayFlagstone pathways are landscaping classic! If you want to boost your creativity in your yard, then a flagstone pathway can help you to change add style to any outdoor area. With a flagstone pathway, you can create a strong look while getting a low-maintenance pathway that will last years.

Most look at paving stone installation as a professional job. However, this can easily turn into one of the easy DIY projects with some simple approaches.

Follow these 5 tips for the perfect outdoor fit.

1. Look at the Overall Shape

Many beginners with simply install a straight flagstone pathway. However, adding curve or altering the overall design can easily create a unique look for you. You can also consider adding in geometrical accents, such as a simple circle, when there is a larger space.

2. Choose your Flagstone

Flagstones are available in a wide variety of shades, shapes and textures. It’s part of their beauty. Take some time to look at the various choices available in your area to find the perfect look for your yard. Vary the size and shape of the stones for increased visual interest. 

3. Know How to Prep

Every DIY project requires a step-by-step approach for the best results. You will want to prepare your flagstone pathway for the best results. Measure where you are going to install the pathway and clear away any debris. Even out the area, lay a proper base and align the flagstone to put the puzzle pieces together. You want to leave an average of 1/8” to 2” in between each stone. 

EnviroSTONE: Jointing material for flagstone4. Get the Right Jointing Materials

Jointing materials help increase the stability of your pathway installation. EnviroSTONE offers a solution made from 100% naturally occurring materials that will last longer without the creating polyhaze that using polymeric sand can cause. The jointing material stops weeds from growing in the future, repels insects and is water permeable.

5. Add in the Accents

For a beautiful DIY flagstone pathway, you will want to add in extra accents for your yard. Building in plants, materials or other additions will help to frame your yard and create the perfect look for your new design.

Let this year’s home additions offer more design. A creative and practical addition to your yard is with a DIY flagstone pathway. Understanding how to approach the flagstone pathway design and follow through with a complete look allows you to enjoy more of the backyard. A creative and practical addition such as this will allow your DIY project to add more curb appeal to your property.