10 Environmentally Friendly Lifehacks

green life hacks
Living an environmentally friendly lifestyle can make your day-to-day activities easier. These green lifehacks will help to sustain the environment while benefiting your daily life!

  1. Recycle your old bread clips to label and organise all of your power cords. Stop spending time trying to figure out which cable is used for which device; organise all those cables behind your television set or computer by using recycled bread or milk clips.plugs
  2. Put your phone on flight mode to charge it faster. Save energy and time by turning on your phone’s flight mode while it charges.iphone
  3. Save energy by using less microwave time for your left over’s. Cut down on microwave time by spacing out a circle between your leftovers, they’ll heat up much faster and more evenly. You’ll help the environment and enhance your dining experience!
  4. Extend the life of your razor blades with just a pair of jeans. Keep your razor blades sharper for longer by rubbing them onto a pair of jeans or a denim jacket.razor
  5. Make your own iPhone speakers by using a recycled toilet paper roll. Cut a hole big enough to fit your iPhone in the middle of the toilet paper roll. The sound will be projected out of the sides of the toilet paper roll creating your own personal speakers!
  6. Clean showerhead residue without using chemical cleaners. Simply tie a bag of vinegar around your showerhead and leave it there overnight; by the time you wake up in the morning your showerhead will be as good as new.shower
  7. Use a walnut to fix small chips or scratches on wood furniture. Avoid the use of chemical varnishes and paints by rubbing a walnut against imperfections on wood furniture.
  8. Save energy by reducing dryer time with just a dry towel. Put a dry towel in the dryer with the rest of your wet laundry; this will allow your clothes to dry faster, reducing energy usage.
  9. Use reusable bags to do your grocery shopping. Not only do environmentally friendly bags fit more, but they can also carry more weight. Keep one or two in your car or bag at all times for those quick unplanned grocery trips.grocerybags
  10. Stop using chemical cleaners in your kitchen and make use of your pantry items instead. There is no need for chemical cleaners to clean your kitchen counters; baking soda and vinegar can work miracles in your kitchen. Oranges and vinegar also work like magic and leave your kitchen smelling great. Own stainless steel appliances? Use cream of tartar and white vinegar to clean your steel appliances without causing damage to the finishing.