Asphalt Alternative for Golf Courses

golf course asphalt alternativeWhen constructing a golf course construction, you’ll want high-quality pathways that need little maintenance.

Conditions found on golf courses can lead to fast deterioration of pathways. You may be interested in using an asphalt alternative for golf courses. 

Consider using a stabilized aggregate or crushed stone. This will give you a greater flexibility over the uneven terrain often found on golf courses. To withstand the effects of golf cart traffic and rainfall runoff, you need to use a suitable aggregate stabilizer. The stabilizer will work with the aggregate to provide a strong, low-maintenance surface.

When looking for a stabilizer to use for this purpose, consider the texture and style of aggregate needed for the results you expect to see. Organic-Lock blended aggregate provides superior results when used as an asphalt alternative for golf courses. It provides the strength needed for golf cart traffic. And it is water-permeable, limiting damage due to rainfall runoff. 

Whether you are upgrading your pathways or building a new course, start with quality materials such as Organic-Lock stabilized aggregate.