EnviroPATH Installation Steps


Envirobond’s installation information is both thorough and informative, providing instructions as well as tips for homeowners and contractors.  Learn how to install a new pathway for your yard or project.
1. Preparing Area
Prepare a new pathway

Measure out proposed area and spray outline with marking paint.


New walkway for your yard

Dig out the proposed area to a depth of 4 inches.


How to install a new pathway

Install a 2″ depth of gravel base – ½ “ to ¾ “ crushed stone is recommended.


DIY pathway steps

Compact the base area with tamper

2. Mixing EnviroPATH with Water


EnviroPATH installation guide

Pour contents of 20 kg bag of EnviroPATH into a clean wheelbarrow or other mixing structure.


How to use EnviroPATH

Add 1.4L of water to 20kg bag of EnviroPATH.


DIY pathway materials

Mix the material thoroughly with a shovel. Mix until a uniform dark colouration is formed. You should be able to make a snowball of the material that stays relatively intact. Mixing should take approximately 2-4 minutes per bag if turning the shovelled material over consistently when you are learning how to install a new pathway.


Material for landscape pathway

this picture shows the material not quite blended enough. Mix material until full dark colouration is achieved.

Landscape pathway product

Properly blended.

3. Installing blended EnviroPATH
How to install a new pathway

Dump the material into place on prepared base.


DIY prepare a new pathway

Spread the EnviroPATH material to a 2″ depth onto the prepared base.


DIY prepare a walkway

Compact with lawn roller (minimum 150lbs).


EnviroPATH installation

Compact tight areas and corners with a hand tamper.


How to install a new pathway

After compaction, spray the entire surface with a fine mist and wait 6-24 hours to cure. These simple steps show how to install a new pathway for your outdoor project.


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