Substitutes for polymeric sand

What exactly are the differences between Envirobond and Polymeric Sand?

  • Envirobond is Made from 100% Naturally Occurring Materials.
  • Envirobond uses an ORGANIC binder made from a renewable plant, which makes it more environmentally friendly as substitutes for polymeric sand
  • Polymeric Sand uses a synthetic chemical reaction to create its bond.
  • Envirobond is self-healing each time it is in contact with water which prevents permanent cracks.
  • Polymeric Sand activates only once, resulting in permanent cracking in the jointing material over time.
  • Envirobond stays in place to prevent seeds from dropping in cracks and developing into nuisance weeds. Envirobond also is a natural weed deterrent by elevating the pH to a toxic system, preventing seeds from germinating if they do find their way in as substitutes for polymeric sand.
  • Polymeric Sand hardens in place, stopping weed growth unless cracks occur and seeds do drop in.
  • Envirobond products can easily be manipulated in a lift and re-lay process just by adding water.
  • Polymeric Sand requires a hammer and chisel to break the chemical bond.
  • Envirobond is installed using a 2 stage watering method designed to eliminate any staining for logical substitutes for polymeric sand.
  • If there is Polymeric Sand residue that hardens on top of a paver, the result is a permanent stain that ruins the aesthetics of the pavers. Staining of this kind is very common and also difficult to remove. Too much watering with Polymeric Sand can also wash out the binders, which makes cleaning the pavers following an installation process difficult.