EnviroSAND For Paver Joints

Available in 2 colours

EnviroSAND blends scientifically designed joint sand with the plant-based glue, Organic-Lock™, for joint stabilization in segmental pavement systems. Organic-Lock™ is the strongest organic glue on the market and is made from 100% naturally occurring materials. The patented formula is the result of more than 10 years of Green Science with more than 6 different PhD’s involved in the research. On top of its ability to resist erosion, EnviroSAND’s ultimate flexibility through Organic-Lock™’s self-healing properties makes it an incredibly unique and high functioning product. Combining angular joint sand with Organic-Lock™ creates optimal joint lock-up that conforms to the specifications of the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI).

EnviroSAND is not a Polymeric Sand...It's better! Click here to see why!

EnviroSAND is specifically designed for paving systems with joint widths of less than 3/8 inch, or 0-10mm.

Important features of EnviroSAND include:

Erosion Control
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Weed Deterrence
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No Surface Staining
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Easy Lift & Re-lay
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For more information, see these videos:

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