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Product Description
Organic-Lock™ is the strongest organic glue on the market and is made from 100% naturally occurring materials. The patented formula is the result of more than 10 years of Green Science with more than 6 different PhD’s involved in the research. On top of its ability to resist erosion, Organic-Lock™’s ultimate flexibility through its self-healing properties makes it an incredibly unique and high functioning product.

Organic-Lock™ is designed to be combined with crushed aggregate screenings to create a stabilized surface that resists erosion and reduces maintenance while maintaining a natural look and feel. Why spoil nature with an asphalt pathway when you can have a pathway that looks and feels like natural aggregate, except with better performance!

Important features of a surface stabilized with Organic-Lock™ include:
Erosion Control
Organic-Lock stabilized surfaces offer significantly improved resistance to erosion over unstabilized surfaces. When activated by water, Organic-Lock forms an adhesive gel which bonds sand particles together. In addition, this gel creates a thin film on the surface of the joint when wet. This film acts as a buffer zone which water can slide over, preventing washouts. Organic-Lock is particularly effective on sloped surfaces as these areas are the most prone to washout and rutting due to fast moving water.

Reduces Dust
Organic-Lock™ is a natural binder that swells into a gel when it is in contact with water. This gel grips onto particles of stone and dust and locks them in place when dry. This helps prevent dust from blowing away by the wind, as well as being kicked up by traffic.

Weed Deterrence
Envirobond has scientifically elevated the pH of Organic-Lock™ which creates an unfavorable environment for seeds to germinate, resulting in deterred weed growth.

Organic-Lock™ stabilized surfaces remain completely flexible to withstand thermal movement or settlement of the sub base materials. Additionally, the gelling ability of Organic-Lock™ allows the surface to self-heal. In conditions where cracking or movement may occur, rain water reactivates the Organic-Lock™, allowing the surface to fill any cracks. Chemical alternative products use a chemical reaction to firm up. When this bond is broken, it stays broken!

Simple Surface Maintenance
The self-healing ability of Organic-Lock means that any maintenance that is required to the surface or below the surface is simple! Material can be shifted and reused by reactivating the Organic-Lock with water and re-compacting.

Larger particles of the aggregate are designed to loosen on the surface over time, to achieve a look and feel that will fit into any natural surrounding.Surface-Texture
Edging options vary depending on aesthetic appeal and structural requirements. Some options are listed below:

Natural GrassesEdging-Options-Natural-Grass
Wood ChipsEdging-Options-Woodchips
Manual SpreadingManual-Rake-Spreading
Mechanical SpreadingMechanical-Spreading
Machine SpreadingMachine-Spreading

Pre-Wet Installation

Surface-Wet Installation

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