How to Remove Weeds from Paving Stones and Prevent Future Weed Growth

Nobody likes weed growth between their paving stone joints. Weed growth is tedious and time consuming to remove, and it makes a paved surface look untidy.

Many people think that weed growth occurs from the bottom up, but it actually occurs from the top down. When the sand washes out of the joints, they become prone to organic matter and debris, which leads to weed growth.

Weeds are very determined, but there are effective solutions that will eliminate weed growth and prevent future weeds from growing.

EnviroSAND is a jointing sand mixed with a powdered plant glue, it’s designed for the joints of paving stones or flagstone, it’s designed to stay in place which keeps it from washing out, and keeps the weeds out.

This video will show you how to remove existing weed growth from your paving stone joints, and install EnviroSAND to help eliminate weeds for good.