EnviroLab - Green Science

"We're continuously testing our products in the field and in the laboratory to ensure they perform to the highest standards and remain environmentally safe."
Mike Riehm, President
The EnviroLab houses a research team dedicated to testing all aspects of quality control and product development. Our focus on these elements has quickly pushed Envirobond to becoming an industry leader. Unlike other companies that focus on a wide range of products, Envirobond has focused all of its efforts on one specific field.

By developing the EnviroLab from the ground up with the specific intent of working on the Envirobond products, testing equipment and methods have been custom designed, making the lab a unique facility. Specific equipment and methods such as rainfall simulators, leeching tests,weed growth analysis and permeability testing are examples of the lab’s specific capabilities.

Our research team continually tests our products in the lab as well as out in the field. A strong network of top contractors has been set up to continually use and monitor different aspects of our materials. Before launching any new change or additions to our product, thorough testing is conducted in the field by everyday top contractors. It is thesecontractors that were originally consulted on the needed properties for our materials and lead to us living the phrase "Built by the industry, for the industry".

Envirobond has worked and still works closely with organizations such as universities, government research agencies and independent research professionals to further develop products. In 2006, Envirobond entered a 3 year joint research project with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada involving one of the world’s experts in natural gums. In 2009, Envirobond renewed this project for another 3 years.

Envirobond has developed the groundwork of the company on the functionality of its products. By continually furthering research, quality control and product development, the foresight of the company is not only to be the leader tomorrow but to be the leader 20 years from now.